The real visionary landscape

By Massimo Scaringella

From the onset of the avant-garde movements of the XX century, artists based their research on two visual concepts: figurative and abstract trying to find a synthesis which could portray their perceptive vision of the world. Silvana Chiozza’s work is an example of this vision. For years she has implemented figurative paintings and landscapes as her main vehicle for expression. But lately these landscapes have shown signs of transformation, evolving with a romantic vein towards a more visually informal language giving her work two paralell syles from a purely aesthetic aspect. Both styles converge in the spectator’s vision who is led to see the landscape from an onirical point of view of reality but accordingly to his own vision.

Her works, in both cases, follow an orderly rythm, exploring unusual forms of synthesis in relation to shape, style and definition of the brush stroke revealing a high understanding of colour which becomes more intense with the growing emotional flow. Nevertheless it is not estranged from the perceptive truth and thus consequently from reality ; her abstraction is , sometimes and paradoxically , a way of getting closer to reality. In these cases shapes generate out of purity and order. Art and nature – in the form of landscapes- are paired up as a synthesis of the human mind and often in an very intimate environment. It is in the day to day life that simple expression finds its inspiration in a quest for new dialogues with the surrounding world and with the cosmic universe. The artist either exalts nature in order to bond with it or to connect with reality through a visually spontaneous construction based on her own personal view on nature and the infinite horizons of life.

Painting for Silvana Chiozza is a time for spontaneous experimentation in connection with her creative mind through the images and colour that emerge from her soul, becoming a visual testimony of her inspiration and for the spectator it is a time for pure poetry and the illusion of looking beyond.

Original translation by Laura Blanco

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