Art Fair Tokyo Satellites

By Kenta Ichinose

When people think about their loved ones and homes, we always look up at the sky. Not only with the feeling of nostalgia but also when people think about their fate, we also look up at the sky. Chiozza’s pieces have a style that comes and goes between abstract and representative expressions. The mixture of an organized rhythm and dynamic elements in the painting makes a unique texture. Audience can feel the romanticism or nostalgic feeling and that could come from Chiozza’s history that she has painted a lot of landscapes. Chiozza's elegant expression of colors gives the feeling of the love between people who are missing each other. In Japanese historical literature, there is an idea called “Mono no aware” which could be translated as the pathos of things. There are those beautiful elements that relate to the idea in her pieces that make it feel like the heavenly sky is crying.

遠くにある愛しい人や郷里を思う時、人は空を見 上げてきた。望郷の念だけでなく、行く はずだっ た彼の地を思う時にも同様に天を見上げる。シル ヴァーナ・キオッツァは具象画 と抽象画の境界を 優雅に行き交う。整然としたリズムと、大胆なか たちのアクセントの混 成が類稀な質感を生み出 す。どこかロマンティックな土地の郷愁が感じら れるのは彼女が 風景画を数多く描いたきた来歴に 由来する。気品ある色彩表現からは、逢いたいと 願う者 同士の切なく、愛しい気持ちが溢れ出てい るかのようだ。彼女の絵画は日本の王朝文学が 主 題として扱ってきたもののあはれに共鳴し、天すらも涙を流す。

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